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Empower a Leader Within Mentoring Program

Empowering a Leader Within mentoring was designed to help youth and youth adults ages 12-25 develop meaningful relationships with supportive adults. Mentors are necessary in the world we live in today, and our mentors will be trained to be role models and could assist their mentees in many different situations. 

  • Empowering A Leader Within is a mentoring program that provides youth with a supportive adult to help increase confidence, improve personal and career development, and overcome barriers they may face.


  • Mentors are trained to provide guidance and emotional support to mentees.


  • Mentees are matched with a mentor for a year commitment and will meet for one hour every week. 


  • Mentors and mentees are “matched” using strategies likely to increase the odds that mentoring relationships will endure and be effective.

  • YMF staff will support Empowering a Leader Within relationships as matches are made and bonds are developed.

Focused Futures
(Paid Internship)

The Focused Futures program enhances career readiness skills for youth ages 14-24, providing paid work experiences and employment. This program was designed to meet youth where they are and help them

  • 12.5 hours of work readiness enhancement to prepare youth for the workforce. 


  • Access to paid work-based opportunities (earning $15/hr. up to 120 hours).


  • Career coaching and case management services with YMF staff.

  We Thrive – Young People
14 to 24

WeThrive youth identify solutions to problems in their local community, hone skills as they build business plans, and launch real micro-enterprises where they keep the revenues generated.  WeThrive works to achieve economic justice and close opportunity gaps by equipping and empowering underestimated young people 14 to 24 years old from low income communities to rise as entrepreneurial economic leaders. Youth learn critical real world skills like financial literacy, problem solving, leadership, and building social capital. In contrast to existing entrepreneurship programs emphasizing exclusivity, every participant receives seed funding and support towards launching their company, ensuring everyone is set up for success. WeThrive Entrepreneurs create real companies, make actual revenue, and create real change.

  • Learn how to start your own company from scratch. 

  • Participants learn life skills such as goal setting, public speaking (which builds confidence), and personal finance. 

  • Prepare our youth to accomplish their goals and navigate a path of opportunity.

  • Participants will be paid $15/hr up to 60 hours.



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