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 Resource Services 

Economic Security


Youth Moving Forward believes the way out of poverty is being able to earn income through work and/or entrepreneurship. Through research, it is found that at-risk youth, may have barriers to employment due to criminal histories, lack of education, or minimal work-related skills. YMF  facilitators will help young adults overcome these barriers by partnering with businesses that are willing to employ mentees who will successfully complete the work-ready programs.





Youth Moving Forward will encourage and support young adults' desire to continue their education.  Our facilitators will provide mentees with one-on-one support through selecting an education program that will include -  admissions and securing financial aid. Mentees will receive group support on a weekly basis.


Family Support


Youth Moving Forward understands that young adults often suffer from a lack of economic security. Oftentimes at-risk youth live in households where the income is not enough to sustain the family.

 Youth Moving Forward supports mentees by providing meals, bus passes, monthly stipends, and access to pantry goods to alleviate some of the household expenses. YMF’s parent organization House of Manna Ministries (HOMM)  connects families with resources in the community. For instance, if a mentee’s family is facing eviction HOMM will access the families’ needs and connect them with available resources that can provide immediate help.





Youth Moving Forward will have access  to affordable healthcare services including mental health and substance abuse treatment, for those who are in need of it. The rate of youth experiencing a mental health condition continues to rise. The rate of youth with Major Depressive Episode (MDE) increased from 11.93% to 12.63%. There was only a 1.5% decrease in the rate of youth with MDE who did receive treatment. Data showed that 62% of youth with MDE received no treatment. Youth Moving Forward has identified local clinics and healthcare insurance providers that will provide the mentees and their families with affordable healthcare services.

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