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Empowering A Leader Within Mentorship

Empowering a Leader Within Mentoring was designed to help youth and youth adults ages 12-25 develop meaningful relationships with supportive adults. Mentors are necessary in the world we live in today and our mentors will be trained to be a role model and could assist their mentee in many different situations.


  • We provide youth with a supportive adult to help increase confidence, improve personal and career development, also overcoming barriers they may be facing.


  • Mentors are trained to provide guidance and emotional support to mentees.

  • Mentees are matched with a mentor for a year commitment and will meet for one hour on a weekly basis. 

  • Mentors and mentees are “matched” using strategies likely to increase the odds that mentoring relationships will endure and be effective.

  • YMF staff will support Empowering a Leader Within relationships as matches are made and bonds are developed.

Interested in becoming a mentor? 

Interested in becoming a mentee? 


Point of Contact
You can also reach out to Chenell Goncalves at (401) 919-5656 Ext 106 or email.

Teacher Assisting a Student

We believe young people can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

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